Dallas To Host 2018 NFL DraftAfter a successful draft in Philadelphia, the NFL will now move one of its biggest spectacles to North Texas.
Twitter Stirs the Pot: Tony Romo To Green Bay After Aaron Rodgers Injury.Could Tony Romo leave the broadcast booth for a chance to play with the Green Bay Packers.
Colin Kaepernick Has Filed A Grievance Against NFL TeamsThe former 49er quarterback says NFL teams colluded to keep him out of the league.
Ex Green Beret, Nate Boyer, Is The Man Behind Kneeling During The National AnthemWould you be shocked to learn that the man behind Colin Kaepernick's protests in actually a United States Army Green Beret?
The Minnesota Vikings Have A Play Named After Justin BieberAnyone watching the Minnesota Vikings play the Chicago Bears on <em>Monday Night Football</em> might have heard an interesting audible call from the NFC North team.
Jerry Jones Could Face Legal Action for Threatening to Fire/Bench Players for KneelingJerry Jones is under legal fire, after his stand or be fired comment, in regards to kneeling during the National Anthem.
Seattle Seahawks' Defensive End, Michael Bennett, Did NOT Wave Around A Burning American Flag In The Locker RoomThe power of Photoshop can spark outrage on social media in a matter of seconds.
Alec Baldwin Was Back ON SNL As Donald Trump, Discusses Puerto Rico & The NFLSaturday Night Live returned this weekend with Ryan Gosling and Jay-Z. And of course, the most anticipated part of the show had to be what they would do with the White House and hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.
NFL Fans Are Burning Their Team Swag In Protest Of KneelingWhat is WRONG with people?? These people are only hurting their own bank accounts and they’re doing it on camera.
The NFL Doesn't Have A Rule That Players Must Stand During The National AnthemThere is a comment circulating Facebook dealing with the NFL players who have chosen to kneel to protest racial injustice and police brutality during the National Anthem that is false. The meme or comment being shared says the NFL Rules say a player MUST stand during the National Anthem.
The Dallas Cowboys Take A Knee, Just Not During The National AnthemOn Sunday, just before kickoff, we witnessed several players, even entire teams kneel in solidarity during the National Anthem. The peaceful protest isn't about the flag, it's about bringing awareness of inequality.
Did Jerry Jones Order The Dallas Cowboys Players To Stand During The National Anthem? NO!!!There's been quite a bit of controversy surrounding the NFL this season. There are a lot of fans who are upset about players who kneel during the National Anthem as well as the President of the Untied States, who claimed they should be fired for doing so.

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