Channing Tatum Shares A Naked Pic Of His Sleeping Wife On InstagramHellllooooooooooo Jenna Dewan Tatum! Nap time around the Tatum household is what you might call... HOT!!!
Little Girl Befriends An Elderly Man At The Grocery StoreIf you were looking for the perfect story for Thanksgiving, here it is.
A Crying Bill Murray Looks Exactly Like Tom HanksRemember the dress? Is is black and blue or gold and white? Ok, it was clearly black and blue, but that's beside the point. We have a new dress situation and it comes in the form the Bill Murray or Tom Hanks?
First Pic Of Jason Statham On The Set Of Meg SurfacesIs there anything Jason Statham can't do? He's driven stolen cars, jump started his own heart, transported things, wielded a some heavy duty guns, and even been a really terrible spy.
How Do We Get Rickie Fowler A Date For Next Year's Ryder Cup?Poor, poor Ricki Fowler. All the great gold in the world and he still can't find a lady to join him at the Ryder Cup.
There's A Sloth In The Shower!It's always fun to look up at the sky and find a cloud that looks like Homer Simpson, a dog, or even a heart! Heck, it's even awesome if you find a Cheeto that looks like Jesus!
What Happens When Your Hotel Books Your Wedding & A Fetish Ball?Your wedding day is easily one of the best days of your life. You've spent a lot of time and money planning every detail...the ceremony, the reception, the music, the food, and the cake. You want everything to be perfect!
Tom Hiddleston Joins Instagram & Immediately Posts A Loki PicThe real Tom Hiddleston has joined Instagram!!!
What! An N'Sync Reunion!!!Ok, simmer down ladies. A reunion concert isn't happening, at least as far as we know.
Gillian Anderson Shares A Pic Of Kate McKinnon As Kiddo Agent ScullyGillian Anderson is everyone's favorite alien-investigating woman, after her years playing Scully on The X-Files. It's hard to imagine anyone else in that role.
Man Falls Off A Cliff While Posing For A PicIt's time to think twice about taking selfies. Why? Well, they can be deadly.
Woman Goes Viral For Her Creepy Long Finger ToesA Taiwanese woman is grossing out the internet after she posted her unusually long toes.

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