Here We Go Again...What Color Are These Flips Flops?Remember "the dress?" Is it white and gold or black and blue? It's clearly blue and black, but that's besides the point.
Was There Anything Said During The Third Debate To Change Your Mind?Last night was the third and final debate between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
When Tony Romo Returns, Should He Start?How about those Cowboys?
Are We Living In The Matrix?As crazy as it sounds, there are some people that believe The Matrix is more than just a movie.
The Top 10 Greatest TV Shows Of All TimeIf there's one thing we can all agree's TV! It's the greatest invention of all time. We spend countless mind numbing hours in front of the boob tube, so much so that binge watching is now a term in the dictionary!
Who Won The First Presidential Debate?Did you watch the Presidential debate last night? What did you think? Who won? Or are you more confused today than you were yesterday?
Just Ahead Of 9/11, Ray Stevens Drops A New Serious Song, "Dear America"From the man who brought you "Ned Nostrils and His South Seas Paradise"...Ray Stevens has a new song! And it's not a funny one!
A Study Says Dad Does NOT Want To Go Out On Father's DayWhat plans do you have for Father’s Day?
Rougned Odor Suspended For 8 GamesWhat do you think?
First Lady Michelle Obama Stuns In Gold For Her Final White House Correspondents' DinnerThe reviews are in...first lady Michelle Obama stuns in a gorgeous gold dress at the White House Correspondent's Dinner!!!
House Panel Votes To Make Women Register For The DraftLadies, gear up and prepare for battle. You could be going to war in the event of a draft.
Netflix Prices Are Going UpIf you joined Netflix prior to May of 2014, more than likely you haven't seen any kind of a price increase in years. Unfortunately, that's all about to change.

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