Cue the Law & Order sound. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Forward-Thinking Judge Sentences Robber to a Job

Yes, some jobs feel like sentences, but listen to this alternative to more jail time.


OMG!!!!! My life is over!!!!(Photo by VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

Employees Request “Compassionate Leave” Over One Direction

Some days, you just need two They Walk Among Us stories! If you ‘re going to rob a a Domino’s, it only makes sense that you would take the pizza too! A heavyset male stormed […]


I bet those jammies were comfy! (Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images)

Robbing A Liquor Store In A Zebra Onesie Is No Way To Go Through Life

Jack Brooks of Lancashire, England is in jail after trying to rob a liquor store with a knife while wearing a zebra print onesie. The store owner, Mushtaq Ahmed, recognized the burglar’s voice immediately since […]


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Facebook Stops A Robbery

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it’s one of the burglar who robbed your house.


(Photo by ALEXANDER KLEIN/AFP/GettyImages)

They Walk Among Us – A Real Cat Burglar

This is a real cat burglar. Police in Japan just arrested a man for burglarizing more than 30 homes throughout his neighborhood. Mamoru Demizu says he needed the money to feed all 120 of his […]


Ouch! (Photo by Ray Moreton/Keystone Features/Getty Images)

Never Steal A Hairdresser’s Purse!

Teresa Mendez was headed to work, when a burglar tried to snatch her purse.


Steer clear of the bikini briefs! (Photo by Veejay Villafranca/Getty Images)

Do NOT Use Panties As A Mask

A collection of stupid people and their stupid stories or as we like to call it…They Walk Among Us!


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Fugitive Of Highland Park Woman’s $90,000 Wedding Ring Caught

Brian Maurice Fuller, a 56-year-old, man who has been connected to the 201o robber of a Highland Park Woman has been captured by U.S. marshals in East Texas. He stands accused of taking the woman’s […]


Help!!! I'm stuck!

They Walk Among Us

A collection of stupid people and their stupid stories!


Hold on...I forgot the cab fare!

They Walk Among Us

A collection of stupid people and their stupid stories!