Star Trek

She will be missed. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Rebekah’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge: Joan Rivers Is The Only Official Permanent Guest-Host On The Tonight Show

I’m now sporting a record of 185-4!!! Today features me (Rebekah) VS Elaine. Elaine and I tied, both getting 4 out of 5 questions right.



Marina Sirtis Talks New Star Trek Series

Check out what she had to say about the future of the franchise!


Nightmare on Elm Street is a great horror flick. (Photo by John Amis/AFP/Getty Images)

Rebekah’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge: I Know My Freddy Krueger

I’m now sporting a record of 114-3!!! Today features me (Rebekah) VS Elizabeth. Elizabeth and I tied , both getting 4 out of 5 right!!!


He was the "close talker" in Seinfeld!

Judge Reinhold: Stripes Was Supposed To Be A Cheech & Chong Movie

Dallas Comic ‘s Con’s Fan Days is back for it 13th year! This year is bigger and better!


Doesn't everyone love William Shatner? (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Trekkers Unite!

Let me explain the “trekkers” vs “trekkies”…According to David, you have to say “trekkers” for Star Trek: The Next Generation.


It's Dr. Bob Kelso!!!

I Snuck Onto The Set Of Scrubs

I completely forgot to mention this on Monday. Over the weekend, when James and I were headed out the the Ballpark for the Ranger game, I saw a kid hop the fence at Six Flags.


Are we in the Twilight Zone? (Photo By Getty Images)

Jody’s Pick Of The Day – Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact

Who knew Star Trek would predict the future so accurately?


Who has time to go through that many episodes? (Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Captain Picard Has The Christmas Spirit

Jody is totally geeking out over this video! Captain Piccard sings Let It Snow.


It's Sponge Bob Square Pants. (Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images for Nickelodeon Australia)

Rebekah’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge: Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?

Rebekah’s undefeated record remains intact. She is currently sporting a record of 5-0!!!


(provided photo)

Watch Now: Paul McCartney’s Star-Studded ‘Queenie Eye’ Video

The clip for “Queenie Eye” was filmed at Abbey Road Studios earlier this month and sees him recording the track in what he thinks is an empty studio (Studio 2). As the video progresses, hijinks ensue in the form of surprising celebrity cameos including Jude Law, Meryl Streep, Tracy Ullman, Jeremy Irons, Tom Ford, Chris Pine, Alice Eve and–much to the delight of the paparazzi–former paramours Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.




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