Netflix Is Raising Prices AgainBad news Netflix fans, their bumping up prices again.
Disney Is Dumping Netflix In 2018 & Starting Their Own Streaming ServiceIt was only a matter of time before Disney got into the streaming game. It's a wonder this didn't happen sooner.
Facebook Is Looking To Produce Scripted TV ShowsIs Facebook planning on taking down Netflix?
Your Favorite Movie, TV Or Streaming Show May Delayed Indefinitely: A Writers Strike Is LoomingYou know all of those amazing movies, television shows and streaming shows you enjoy? If a couple of Hollywood entertainment groups don't work things out, your favorite shows (like The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and the brand new Star Trek: Discovery) could be put on hold.
Amazon Snags The Rights For The NFL's Thursday Night FootballThere's some good news for football fans who don't have cable, satellite or Twitter. Amazon just bought the streaming rights from the NFL for Thursday Night Football.
Here's The First Trailer For Netflix's Death NoteNetflix continues to deal the hot hand with their original programming. The streaming service's latest project...Death Note, a new feature length horror flick.
Amazon Echo Could Be Key Witness In Murder TrialPolice in Bentonville, Arkansas have issued a warrant to Amazon, asking for the company to surrender information gathered by an Amazon Echo that could potentially help prosecute a suspected murderer.
Netflix Just Added An Offline Playback FeatureBest day ever! If you have travel plans this holiday season, it's Netflix for the win!
NFL's Thursday Night Football Streams Live on Twitter TonightIt’s the Jets & Bills in 140 plays or less.
Netflix Is Going After Data Caps!Let's hear it for Netflix!!!
Hulu Is Dumping Their Free Streaming ServiceHulu users...the time has come. No more free service. Booooooo.
Kids React To Blockbuster Video!Remember Blockbuster? You know that place where you would go and rent movies! Believe it or not, but there are some people who have no idea what Blockbuster is/was!

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