Northern Michigan University Offering Degree In Study Of Growing MarijuanaSome universities do offer classes on marijuana law and policy, Northern Michigan is rather unusual, however, as they are offering a course study in the growth and cultivation of the plant.
Watching Sports Can Actually Break Your HeartAccording to a new study from Canada, watching sports is not heart-healthy.
Study Shows Women Kinder, More Generous Than MenIt’s biological.
Study Finds Head Shape Determines If You're More Likely To Cheat On Your PartnerResearchers from Nipissing University in Canada have found that, believe it or not, a person's head shape relates to how high their sexual drive is.
More Men Are "Marrying Up" Than WomenA new study finds it’s easier for men to “marry up” than it used to be.
Study Shows Complimenting Others Makes You Feel BetterThe suggestion is simple, but it must be authentic.
Study Shows We Slack Off At WorkIf you find yourself distract by email and social media while at work, you’re in the majority.
New Study Shows Dallas Drivers Spend 48 Hours a Year Looking for ParkingThe one part we all dread when going to downtown is parking.
Older Fathers Have Geekier Sons According To New StudyResearchers actually ran tests and crunched the numbers to create an overall "geek index."
More Than Two-Thirds of Americans Are Overweight or ObeseStartling stats in a new study show the world is getting fatter and the U.S. leads the pack.
Study Shows Swearing Relieves Both Physical And Emotional PainLoud is good when it comes to therapeutic swearing. Researchers in New Zealand found that saying swear words help relieve pain – such as when you stub your toe.
Survey Shows 43% of Women Admit to Spying on PartnerIf your wife or girlfriend has trust issues, you’re in good company. Or at least large company.

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