Alamo Drafthouse Austin Is Getting Backlash After All-Female Wonder Woman ScreeningsOkay. Let's play What Do We Think About This?
Alamo Named Worst Tourist Trap In TexasBusiness Insider has come up with what they call the worst tourist trap in every state.
Did You Know There's a Texas Shaped Pool in Plano?Do you live in Plano and don't have a swimming pool?
8 Places You Should See In Texas Before You DieThe TV show "Dallas" has somewhat typecast Texas as a place where nothing else exists other than boots, spurs, and horses. Yes we are the land of the Dallas Cowboys, but other counties have pegged us as cowboy hat wearing, ranch handling, people.
See How Texas Ranks In "America's 50 Fittest Cities"
Here Are Texas' Most Popular Baby Names For 2016So what are the most popular baby names in the Lone Star State?
QT Wins Best Gas Station Bathrooms In TexasIf you need to take a quick potty break while traveling across Texas, Quik Trip is going to be your best bet for clean bathrooms.
Five Guys Just Beat In-N-Out As America's Favorite Burger ChainAre we sure they asked any Texans this question?
A Fidget Spinner Sent a Texas Girl to the Hospital, Mom Warns ParentsA fair warning to parents who have seen these little spinners around.
Texas Man Sues Date For Cost Of Movie Ticket After She Wouldn't Stop Texting During "Guardians Of The Galaxy 2"Austin resident Brandon Vezmar's first date with a woman he met online did not go as planned. Instead of a second date, in fact, it ended with a lawsuit.
DFW Ranks As Forbes' Best City For Jobs In 2017If you're on the hunt for new career opportunities, you need to look no further than your own backyard.
Texas Prom Pic Includes Camouflage & GunsOnly in Texas.

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