They Walk Among Us

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The Portland Pooper Strikes Again!

Man, we wish this was a story from The Onion, but it’s not. There’s a pooper on the loose! Police are calling him the Portland Pooper!!! Yep, the Portland Pooper. The first discovery of the […]


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Woman Robs 3 Banks To Pay For A Graduation Party!

Every parent is pretty pumped up when their child graduates, whether it be kindergarten, high school, or college. It’s just a proud moment. So it makes perfect sense to spare no expense when it comes […]


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Man Tries To Stop A Plane On The Tarmac!

Why would a man run out onto a runway? To catch a plane of course. In case you didn’t catch it, we were trying to make a chicken crossing the road type joke. Actually, authorities […]


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Man Spending Weekends In Jail For Eluding Police, Once Again, Eludes Police

Are weekend sentences a real thing? Does that mean I can commit a crime and opt out of jail for every day of the week? I guess it depends on the crime. Dominique Matthews was […]


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Woman Flashes Judge In Court

Is this Spring Break or a court of law? Susan Marie Surrette aka Kayla Kupcakes, who was arrested on suspicion of disorderly intoxication finally got her day in court. Susan, who stood before, Judge John […]


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Woman Receives A Letter Of Removal At Church!

OMG! Who knew you could get kicked out of church!?!?!?! Josephine King, a 92-year-old woman, got the boot from the First African Baptist Church due to lack of funds! Josephine had been a member of […]


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Knife Wielding Robbers Chased By Cashier With A Sword!

A couple of robbers found themselves in a bit of a scary situation. The wannabes, wearing masks, pulled out a machete in an effort to rob Perry Market. While swinging around the foot long knife, […]


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How Do You Get A Tiger Out Of A Stairwell? Hint! Gardening Tools Are Not The Answer!

PETA has sunk their teeth into Detroit’s Packard Plant. More specifically, their tiger. Ok, so why does the Packard Plant have a tiger? Is it a mascot? We don’t actually know. What we do know […]


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Burglary Suspect Leaves His Heart Monitor At The Scene

The key to being a great burglar is to get in and get out and leave nothing behind! Especially, something like a heart monitor!!! Police officers responded to an early morning alarm at a NAPA […]


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Man Sues After Taking A Dinner Roll To The Eye

Just when you think the world is out of things to sue other people over…we have a lawsuit over dinner rolls! Lambert’s Cafe is known as the “Home of the Throwed Rolls”. Why? They’re thing […]