They Walk Among Us

Uhhhh, no! (Photo by Adam Pretty /Allsport)

Man Paraglides Into A Moving Cable Car!

There are days where we can’t even begin to understand the thought process of some people. Today is one of those days!!! Arnaud Longobardi might either be insane or just a very hardcore adrenaline junkie! […]


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Blue Bell Is Making Children Cry!

Today is one of those days where the stories are just too good! Somehow we managed to narrow them down to just two for They Walk Among Us. First of all, Blue Bell is making […]


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Fox & Friends’ Pete Hegseth Isn’t So Good With An Axe!

Fox & Friends’ Co-Host, Pete Hegseth, won’t be giving up his day job any time soon. As it turns out, he’s a terrible magician! I mean, come on, the target isn’t even moving! And his […]


Why would you want to ride a moose? (Photo by KAREN BLEIER/AFP/GettyImages)

They Walk Among Us

Police in British Columbia are after a guy who jumped off a boat and rode a swimming moose. It’s Canada. Things like this happen there. ©2014 CBS Local Media, a division of CBS Radio Inc. […]


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They Walk Among Us

Baseball fan has a hard time with his rain pancho. And nothing like getting naked, streaking, and pouring milk all over yourself in the WalMart. ©2014 CBS Local Media, a division of CBS Radio Inc. […]


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Man Gives His Ex-Wife Half Of Everything…Literally!!!

Divorce sucks. It’s hard on everyone involved. However, there are some situations where things can get a little interesting. Much like YouTuber and angry ex-husband Der Juli, who gave his ex-wife half of everything. Literally! […]


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They Walk Among Us

Maybe the dumbest cattle rustler, ever. Way to go, Butch Cavendish. You just stole from the one guy Rangers aren’t going to let anyone steal from. ©2014 CBS Local Media, a division of CBS Radio […]


There are no words! (Photo by YURI CORTEZ/AFP/GettyImages)

You Gotta Fight, For Your Right, To Shampoo!

If you want to teach children, it’s important to start early! Their minds are like a sponge. They absorb everything! Unfortunately, that can be a bad thing. A 6-year-old boy took part in a five […]


Maury Povich says you ARE the father! (Photo by PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP/Getty Images)

Worst Dad Ever Sends His Doppelganger To Take The Paternity Test!

We almost hate to post this story so close to Father’s Day! If it teaches us anything, it will teach us to be thankful for the dads we have! We are nominating Thomas Kenny for […]


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United Airlines Puts Its Passengers Up Overnight In Military Barracks

It seems like there is always drama involving a flight! This time it’s United Airlines turn to take the heat after a flight to London from Chicago had to make a pit stop in Canada […]