These Were The Biggest Television Flops Of 20152015 was a great year for television...but not every show was a hit!
Rejoice! Tv Commercials Will Now Be Shorter
TV Commercial Breaks Will be Shorter SoonTV giants like Fox and Time Warner have decided that our shrinking attention spans require shorter commercial breaks.
Here Are The 50 Worst TV Shows Of All Time According To TV GuideThere have been a lot of horrible TV shows through the years. Remember when they tried to create another football league called the XFL? That didn't last very long.
Rebekah's College Of Hollywood Knowledge: Is Jimmy Fallon's Partying Getting Out Of Hand?
Bartles & Jaymes TV Commercial Actor Has DiedIt’s definitely #TBT to think of Bartles & Jaymes. The 80s ad campaign – “thank you for your support” -- was huge and I haven’t thought of it in years. Word today that Dick Maugg, the stone-faced actor of the duo, has passed away at age 83. Apparently he wasn’t an actor at all, but a building contractor. Dave Rufkahr played his talkable co-star.
Big Bang Theory Will Honor Leonard Nimoy With A Guest Appearance From His Son
Tracy Morgan Returns To SNL A Year After Near Fatal InjuriesHow great to see Tracy Morgan back – it looked so dire for so long! SNL’s opener this weekend was essentially a 30-Rock reunion. It featured Tracy with his co-starsTina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Jane Krakowsi, and Jack McBrayer in a fake scene that was supposedly from a 2012 episode.
Top 20 TV Shows of All Time, According to Hollywood InsidersIn the end, it’s ‘Friends.’ Wow! To clarify: this is not a list of the 'best' shows, it's their 'favorite' shows. Hollywood peeps are fans, too.
60s TV Icon Martin Milner Passes Away, Age 83
Watch This Weather Man Freaks Out Over A Large Bug Live On TV
You Can See The First 3 Minutes Of 'Fear The Walking Dead' HereIt might not be news to hardcore fans, who've been following the Fear the Walking Dead's social media campaign for months now, but the rest of us casual-lovers-of-mayhem are super pumped to check out the new show.
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