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Did Ted Cruz’s Terrible ‘Simpsons’ Impressions Bring Back Harry Shearer?

Someone’s gotta make these connections.


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If You Win Fox’s Bullseye…All You Get Is A Measly $50,000

It’s that time of year when a lot of strange replacement shows and series hit the airwaves, so sometimes new programs can kind of sneak up on you. Fiona and I caught the tail-end of […]


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Jody Reviews: Glen Campbell – I’ll Be Me

So yesterday morning we talked about that tremendous James Keach/Jane Seymour documentary on Glen Campbell, entitled I’ll Be Me. Incredible reviews, and I finally saw it Monday night. Oh, my Gosh. Incredibly heavy. Powerful, inspirational, […]


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The New ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Series Looks Funny and Very Twisted: Watch the Trailer

Yes, you’ve changed, Camp Firewood kids. Though from the look of things, there’s a still a lot of growing up to do. Watch the trailer for the new Netflix series.


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Jon Stewart Reaching Out to Conservative Foes for Final Show

If you thought his goodbye show might be a heartfelt, tearful romp down memory lane, guess again.


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Jody: The Bachelorette

For those people still watching this show, last night was doozie. First, Princeton man Ian turned out to be incredibly full of himself – and then they had a rose ceremony on front of the […]


Harry Treadaway as Dr. Frankenstein and Billie Piper as Lily in Penny Dreadful

‘Penny Dreadful’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Welcome to the Jungle

If you thought Lily Frankenstein was a bit crazy last week, this week was on another level.


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‘True Detective’ Season 2, Episode 1 Recap: The Slow Burn and the Dead Body

True Detective fans take note: Season two is not the same show. The cast is different, and it does not begin with a bang. Instead, it’s a slow burn.


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Teens React To Cigarette Commercials

It’s been illegal for TV and radio to do commercials for cigarettes of any kind for years. Now, let’s see what happens when you expose teenagers to those old commercials from the 50’s and 60’s. […]


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Would Hockey Be More Popular if the Players Shaved?

NBC has the rights to broadcast the NHL Stanley Cup Finals and the ratings have been pretty good. But NBC Sports Chairman Mark Lazarus thinks things would be even better if NHL players would shave their “playoff beards.”