Move Over Yule Log, You've Been Replaced By The First Night Of HanukkahWe may be the Christmas station, but that doesn't mean we want to leave our Jewish friends out when it comes to the holidays.
Jojo Fletcher Talks Possible TV Special And Wedding PlanningThey look so happy together!
Leah Remini Says Tom Cruise Pressured Her Into Trying To Get Scientology Segment CancelledThis is crazy!
Do You Have Difficulty Finding Something Good To Watch On TV?As far as America is concerned...
The Funniest Halloween TV News Bloopers Of All TimeTV news seems to love scarin’ the bejeebers out of the anchors, especially on morning shows. Honestly though, it can happen at any moment on TV, but especially Halloween.
People Lie About the TV Shows They WatchProof that we’ll lie about anything, Hulu conducted a survey that shows nearly half of us have said we’ve seen a TV show that we actually haven’t seen.
Sex And The City Could Be Coming Back To TV!Is there a chance that Sex And The City could be coming back? It definitely looks like they aren't against it for sure.
Here's Everything Coming To Netflix In OctoberWho's ready to Netflix and chill this October?
Nick Viall Announced At The New BachelorThey announced the new Bachelor last night, and we get to watch Nick Viall search for love.
Looks Like Luke Pell Is Going To Be The Next BachelorMike Fleiss the man who created 'The Bachelor' has been dropping little clues on who the next Bachelor will be. Here is what he has been Tweeting all week.
Check Out The Best News Bloopers From 2016!Our friends in the TV business are so polished and professional. However, they're human too! Believe it or not but they do make mistakes!
Whoa! I Had NO Idea Watching Too Much TV Could Have THIS Affect On You!A study from researchers in Japan shows watching TV for too many hours is...

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