Twitter Testing 280 Character LimitTwitter says "Our research shows us that the character limit is a major cause of frustration for people Tweeting in English"...
Donald Trump Insults The Dallas Cowboys On Twitter, Backtracks 15 Minutes Later After Realizing They Stood For The AnthemDonald, Donald, Donald, it always helps to know what you're talking about before you take to Twitter.
WATCH MSNBC Anchor Lawrence O'Donnell BLAST Those Irritating Him During His News CastSomeone kept requesting on his ear piece for him to talk about a Labor Day weekend piece while he was talking about Hurricane Harvey and President Trumps visit to Texas, and someone else was banging away in hearing range... with a hammer!
Restaurant Employee Fired For Tip Complaint Tweet Against Country Star Jason AldeanThe employee who handled the order felt Aldean (or his people) had left a terrible tip, and tweeted about it, insinuating Aldean was cheap!
Photos Of What Disney World Looks Like After Hurricane IrmaGuests at the famous Disney World theme park have been posting pictures of the damage caused by Hurricane Irma.
Whoops! Ted Cruz's Twitter Account Liked A Porn VideoLife was so much easier before social media. Now we live and die by our fat fingers and "like" buttons.
The Rock, Snoop Dog, And Other Celebrity Yearbook PhotosSome of us have forgotten them...some of us want to forget them...and some of us have a good enough sense of humor to laugh at them.
Beware The Ghost Story Of Dear David And The Haunted ApartmentAdam Ellis (who goes by @moby_dickhead on Twitter) has been sharing, through his tweets, the strange occurrences going on in his Manhattan, New York apartment.
Can You Do Twitter's Weird Finger Challenge?It's time for another weird internet challenge. Pop your knuckles and shake out your hands, things are about to get intense.
Sam Shepard: Hollywood and Broadway Express Grief on TwitterGame of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau tweeted: “A hero of theatre. A hero of writing. A hero of acting. A hero of mine. Sam Shepard RIP.”
The Top 10 Social Media SinsDo you have any friends or family members who commit social media sins? Perhaps you're guilty of a few of these offenses? If you've noticed a recent decline in Facebook friends, it moight be a good idea to look over this list.
President Trump Finally Blocked Chrissy Teigen On TwitterChrissy Teigen is a social media gem, saying pretty much whatever is on her mind. She's ok with showing us her stretch marks. She's not afraid to clap back at troll comments. Not to mention she's been pretty vocal when it comes to President Donald Trump. Quite simply, she just doesn't like the man.

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