A Collection Of Idiots During Hurricane IrmaIrma might be the most videoed event in history.
Three Elton John Songs Finally Have Videos - After 40 yearsThree of Sir Elton John's biggest hits never had videos, because they were released before the age of MTV. But thanks to a collaboration between John and some remarkable film-makers, now they do.
Watch Classic Elton John Songs Reimagined in Brand New VideosThe videos have debuted on YouTube as well as the Cannes Film Festival in France.
Psy Has 2 New Songs, One Of Which Features The Pineapple Pen GuyIt's the moment we've all been waiting for, Psy is back with not one, but two new songs!
Videos Of The Storm Yesterday Are Crazy! Check This Out!We had some really bad storms move through the area this yesterday, and the videos people took are crazy.
It's The Best Of The Web 2015
Seinfeld Cast Full-Fills Dying Mans Wish For His BirthdayThis amazing act of kindness from the cast of the 1990's sitcom shows true character. James Anthony Calder, has since passed away, but before he did his son did something amazing and reached out the the cast asking if they would record a birthday message for his father for his 67th birthday.
Woman Asks Men To Hold Her Underwear In The Best Prank EVER!This prank is pretty funny.
Jody's Time Waster Of The Day: Veritasium
Listen to Don Henley's Two New Country Songs - Including Martina Duet!These two voices do indeed make beautiful music together. Wow.
Good News! Watching Cat Videos Is Healthy For You!!!
In General, It's A Bad Idea To Stand Behind A Jet

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