Watch This YouTuber Accidentally Get Hit In The Face With A Fish!Last week, a vlogger named Aimee was standing next to the ocean, describing the torrential weather. She was clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time because a giant wave came crashing in and ended up sending a huge fish flying out of the water. The fish came in with such force that it smacked her in the face and knocked her down!
It's The Best Of The Web 2015
Seinfeld Cast Full-Fills Dying Mans Wish For His BirthdayThis amazing act of kindness from the cast of the 1990's sitcom shows true character. James Anthony Calder, has since passed away, but before he did his son did something amazing and reached out the the cast asking if they would record a birthday message for his father for his 67th birthday.
McKinney Couple’s Pregnancy Announcement Goes Viral
Add The Walkman To The List Of Things That Kids Just Don't GetRemember the Walkman? You know one of the very first portable music listening devices. You probably haven't seen one since the 80s.
The Democratic Debate Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment
YouTube Without Ads? Yes, For A Monthly FeeWould you, yes you, like to YouTube without commercials? You can. It’s called YouTubeRed, costs $10 per month – first month is free. There are other advantages: you can save videos for later to watch without an internet connection, and play a song on YT in the background while using another app.
Forbes Names the Ten Top-Earning YouTube StarsHere’s a list that shows the ch-ch-ch changes in media. Forbes has, for the first time, compiled the top ten YouTubers. A term we didn’t even know ten years ago. Makes you wonder what list they’ll have in another ten years. Not surprisingly, Swedish-based web comedian PewDiePie took the top spot.
Man Recreates Thor's Hammer With The Help Of Electromagnets & A Fingerprint Scanner
Meet The One Person Who Isn't Cool With President Obama Inviting The Clock Kid To The White House
The Ultimate Dunk!
A Whale Creates His Own Splash Zone In The Bay Of Fundy!

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