Dad and Daughter Record Routine for Mom but 7 Million People Also Watched ItA dad and daughter decided to take advantage while mom was out to record a cute routine to Justin Timberlake's "Cant Stop the Feeling." Dad Josh Rinder and his 6-year-old daughter, Audrey, choreographed a full dance to the song.
Oreo Tacos Are Now A Thing And Thank Goodness For That
A Tutorial On How To Be Politically CorrectToday's to be politically correct.
Man Plans To Document His Mother's Dementia In An Effort To Help OthersHave you ever experienced Alzheimer's or Dementia first hand? Both are horrific diseases that you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemies.
Man Interrupts His Loud Snoring Dog With...Her Own SnoringSnoring is the WORST!!! Even when it comes from your dog.
Move Over Yule Log, You've Been Replaced By The First Night Of HanukkahWe may be the Christmas station, but that doesn't mean we want to leave our Jewish friends out when it comes to the holidays.
Worst Boyfriend Ever Wakes Up Girlfriend With TWO Huge Pythons (Video)YouTube prankster DerekDeso decided one python just wasn't enough apparently.
Guy Flips His Car While Singing With The Camera RollingSometimes we forget that driving is serious business. With everything from the radio to texting, they've all become a distraction when it comes to driving.
Mom Goes Off In A Vince Staples Rap Rant & The Internet Answers By Giving Her A BeatDo you let your kids pick their own music? Are they allowed to listen to rap?
YouTubers To Lose Monetary Gain From "Not Advertiser Friendly" ContentThe days of using violence, profanity, nudity, politics, natural disasters and your grandmother water skiing naked (well, most likely:)... in your content... for profit... on YouTube... is over!
Fort Worth Police Departments Viral Video Is Hilarious!The Fort Worth Police Department decided to do a "viral" video, and it's actually kind of awesome. They recreated every viral trend they could think of and put them in a video.
VIDEO: Uber Passenger Refuses To Leave Car And Driver Goes Into Verbal RageA video has surfaced of an Uber driver in Pembroke Park, Florida asking a passenger to get out of his car. When she refuses, the driver begins yelling at the woman.

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