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Powers Of Observation 48The season of giving is rapidly approaching. Toys R Us is offering up 40,000 new jobs, and the Hilton Anatole is giving away... exotic fish? This and more on the 48th episode of Powers of Observation.
Trailer Trash - The Green InfernoRebekah Black (@kluvrebekah) and Billy Kidd (@DJ_BillyKidd) trash Eli Roth's new cannibal horror film The Green Inferno.
Powers Of Observation 47A $10,000 wheelchair is returned back to its owner, and more earthquakes rattle North Texas on the 47th episode of Powers of Observation.
Grapefest 2015 Tasting Argentinian WineJust in time for Grapefest 2015, Rebekah Black challenges an expert Argentinian wine consultant to a taste test to see if he can REALLY tell the difference between quality vino... and $4 gas station wine.
8 Uncanny Celebrity Look A LikesThese are the best celebrity impersonators in the world... number 1 is almost eerie.
Trailer Trash - Black MassRebekah and Billy trash Black Mass starring Johnny Depp and Joel Edgerton.
Trailer Trash - The VisitRebekah and Billy trash M. Night Shyamalan's new horror flick The Visit.
Powers Of Observation 45There are 700(!) new laws in Texas, and Blake Powers tells you how to stay on the right side of a few of them.
Trailer Trash - Transporter RefuledRebekah Black and Billy Kidd trash the Transporter reboot -- Transporter Refuled. NOT starring Jason Statham but still featuring explosions, really tight suits, and lots of British accents.
Science Rules: The Electric MintDr. Rebekah and Dr. Sybil test to see what happens if you bite a breath mint in the dark... does it really make it spark?
Powers Of Observation 44Bluebell brings back two classic flavors, and a new shop in Frisco claims to be the "Starbucks of Cannabis", on the 44th episode of Powers of Observation.
Trailer Trash - We Are Your FriendsRebekah and Billy trash the new Zach Efron movie about a California dance DJ that finds fame and fortune: "We Are Your Friends".
Powers Of Observation 43Lewisville Lake opens for business, and Amazon posts 1,000 new jobs in DFW on this 43rd episode of Powers of Observation.
Trailer Trash - American UltraRebekah does her best impersonation of Kristen Stewart as she and Billy Kidd trash American Ultra.